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You can email me at syredemption@gmail.com or contact me through the contact form at the bottom of this page.

My Story

    I was born in 2001 in New York to a beautiful woman who died when I was two years old. I was then taken care of by my grandparents and eventually adopted by them at the age of 5. Throughout the ups and downs of my childhood, I struggled with various metal disorders including ADHD, Bi-Polar Type II, Anxiety, Depression and Autism. I found my love of poetry, journaling, and other forms of writing through the darkest points of my life and it has continued to be my greatest form of therapy.  I'm happy to say I am doing well now and it is my firm belief to share my experiences to help others who may be struggling as well.

    Throughout my teens to young adult life I found a love for animal advocacy and began giving much of my time and money to help support local animal shelters as well as various nature charities. I have listed some of my favorite charities below. 

    At the age of 21 I sought out testing and was diagnosed with Autism. As a child I had many signs, including stereotypy, but testing was not nearly as common then as it is now. I think it is important that we continue to strive for better mental health care in our communities so I have also decided to begin advocating for mental health, which leads to now.

    I began this website for the sake of mental health awareness. I wanted to share my experiences for others so that no one ever has to feel as alone as I have in the past. Everyone deserves a chance to be happy.

My Experience 

    I graduated from Coastal Carolina University May 2023 with a bachelors degree in English (I also minored in Creative Writing). 
    During my time at coastal I have written for The Chanticleer newspaper and have had a few of my works submitted in school magazines (Tempo and Archarios). These works can be found on the Published page when the magazines have posted the issues online. They are not available yet. I have also won the 2023 Graduation Commencement Poetry Contest in which I had the honor to read it aloud at my graduation ceremony. A video of this reading will be made available soon on the Published page as well.

    Other unrelated things I have studied at Coastal and during high school include child development, web design, and psychology. 

    Since April 2022 I have run my own website which includes web design, web development, web management, graphic design, social media management, and marketing. Any and all images on this site and on my social media pages (except the charity logos shown below) are designed and/or taken by me. I upload a new work (usually a poem, but every once in a while I have a short story to share) often. I also advertise each of these works on all Sy Redemption social media pages (not including LinkedIn).

As well as updating this portfolio of my work, I am always working towards submitting works with other publications such as Four Way Review and The Sun. I am yet to have my works published with them and others as I have only recently graduated.

My Favorite Charities

My top three favorite charities are The Nature Conservancy, The National Audubon Society, and The Ocean Conservancy. I donate to these three charities every month. The other charities listed below are ones I do not support on a regular basis but are still notable mentions and are very important to me. I donate to those on occasion. 


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