Thursday, May 11, 2023

To Set Me Free

You used to love making the truth hazy

so that everyone thought I was crazy

when no one else was around

I now have to put up a wall

and be prepared for the fall

when you once again let me down

It’s my fault for every time

I believe you’d change on a dime

when you say your proud to see.

You make my achievements your own,

you hop into the spotlight all alone

and forget it was about me.

You make it out like you did the work,

with a simple gesture and a sly smirk,

so that everyone would know

by pushing me far out of the way

without giving me a chance to say

I will no longer live in the shadow.

But it took me a moment longer

to know just how much stronger

I can still be on my own

And so I won’t wait for a chance

for the opportunity to advance

to the next milestone.

At the end of the day,

I no longer care what you say

about what made me me.

Because I know the truth inside.

Who I am will provide

to set me free.

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