Saturday, May 6, 2023

The Need to Belong

When I was three I forgot the pains

that occur when a two-year-old remains.

But in the first grade a kid found out,

said my mother’s death he knew all about.

I let a few kids change my perception,

and I fell deep down into the deception.

Because a motherless child was wrong,

and a kid like that just didn’t belong.

When I was older I pushed all the kids away

‘cause I thought they wouldn’t get what I’d say.

I was frustrated that no one could understand,

I wondered why I couldn’t follow every social demand.

All these thoughts fired like bullets in my head

’til eighth grade when all I thought about was being dead.

High school was the icing on the cake

to make me feel even more like a mistake.

Until my junior year, I’ll never forget the day,

when someone finally asked me if I was okay.

One sentence made the difference between

living an invisible life and finally being seen.

It changed everything that was broken,

and something within me had awoken.

They always say you shouldn’t base yourself

on the covers of the other books on the shelf.

Inside each of those books,

is a story far greater than its looks.

But the world can’t see how much everyone

expects you to be like the rising sun.

To move beyond all of the darkness, 

ignore the failures and push success.

So the truth within me I must now say

is own all that darkness before the day.

Don’t forget the one voice that was there

which only needed you to become aware.

Because if you take a deeper look,

far beyond just the cover of your book,

there may have been others with you too,

but your greatest supporter was always you.

This is the worth you’ve always had inside,

more than the need to belong being satisfied.

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