Monday, May 1, 2023

six ways to say I am sorry

a photograph sitting before Me, 

  it was You and Me

it was nothing but a grainy “selfie.” 

I took it 

        recalling back on Our time together

together where We were 

                even though We were never to be 

We made promises

empty promises

We did not know 

                the promises were empty

not yet anyways

it was a simple photo

a terrible photo

it was a promise

an empty promise

just like what I said 

                I would visit You again

just like what You said 

                        You would be there

for my wedding

as an honored guest

the photo was a promise

          empty, hollow promises

we would take a better one

we would use a better camera

not using my iPhone 5

and yet

  this is the last thing

the only thing

all I have left of You

You left me

  You left me

but it was my fault

I did not make the most

                  Of the little time We had

We did not know

                          it would come so soon

Your time.

Your end.

the devil’s sores

                        within Your lymph nodes

they took You from Me

they took everything

          Time got away from me

but it is My fault

I took a grainy photo

                  I never thought it would be the last

I never thought it so

          but still I was wrong

I am sorry now

                    I am so sorry

because now I feel like this

                  I failed You

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