Friday, May 12, 2023

No Chance

I think often upon the night we fell.

The sorrow that escaped my eyes

had dripped down my cheek

and poisoned my lips to tell lies.

It seems to me that pain exists

so that we create more

to torture our souls before death,

the reality we bargained for.

You told me that you loved me,

and I did not believe it so,

For if you truly loved me,

You would not leave me in woe.

Now, today in agony I sit

and ponder upon this mess.

The truth is I dont know anymore,

my hopes are becoming less.

The question I ask burns within:

How can we find our way?

By defining our tomorrow?

From learning our yesterday?

The dawn breaks my empty gaze,

and my horrid train of thought.

We dont want to fight anymore,

but this war we already fought.

We can’t take back what we said,

because we cannot change the past.

But If we cannot change for the future,

There is no chance that we will last.

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