Thursday, May 4, 2023

A Brother Like You

A brother just like you

whether by blood or adopted,

is all I’ve ever wanted.

After the 21 years I went through,

finding hope in the past that haunted,

something good is all I’ve ever wanted.

I’d change the past if that I could do,

with a prayer hoping the universe responded

to be raised with a brother just like you.

And when I learned it to be true,

I had hope that we could be bonded,

so close to all I’ve ever wanted.

Until you pushed me out of view,

and with my fear, because you’ve absconded,

I’ll never have a brother just like you.

Is it because you are afraid too?

Regardless, my search shouldn’t have started,

because a brother just like you,

is what my heart shouldn’t have wanted.

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