Saturday, April 8, 2023

Too Late

I should’ve picked up the phone,

I had your number there on the table.

I should’ve taken a drive,

I know I was more than able.

I should’ve let my curiosity win,

And find out if you wanted me too.

I should’ve gotten over the fear,

Of being rejected by you.

I should’ve ignored the warnings,

From the people who didn’t really care.

I should’ve seen their true intentions,

Instead of believing they were being fair.

I should’ve bought that ticket,

And flew back to the place I belong,

I should’ve moved on from the people,

Who told me it was wrong.

I should’ve saw the signs,

You were were just a click away,

I should’ve known you would die,

If I kept avoiding that day.

And now that I made up my mind,

Hades already sealed you in His gate.

My broken heart is my fault alone,

For making my choice far too late.

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