Thursday, April 27, 2023

To Make Us Last

Do you remember the first time we met.

The look in your eyes I’d never forget.

The love that we didn’t know quite yet.

Do you remember walking by my side in the hall?

I looked up to you not because you were tall.

But because of the feelings I felt through it all.

The memories, I have with you,

The love I found, that helped me through.

You just don’t know what you do.

You broke the barrier, became my carrier,

And lifted my spirits to be merrier. 

gave me protection and showed me direction,

That strengthened our connection.

because your all is all perfection to me,

The way we are is the way I want to be.

And here is my wish, my only crime,

To break the clock and slow down time.

So I’ll take my time to, cause all I want to do,

Is enjoy my life when I have you.

I only have one question I must ask,

can you remember to make this love last?

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