Friday, April 21, 2023

Things Kept in the Junk Drawer

On top, a gift card that expired years ago 

and receipts from places now full of woe. 

Next is the poem written in permanent pen, 

admonishing the ignorant bliss from then. 

On the side: Photos, where hindsight became regret, 

this anamnesis made (ironically) to forget. 

Behind is the key for a safe not to open, 

for it is overflown with promises made and broken. 

Then there’s the bills believed not to exist 

that were left unopened on top of a list 

of all the things wanted before life to succumb, 

yet all things that were never to become. 

But beneath it all, a heart at its core, 

not worn on a sleeve nor shared anymore. 

Concealed for disfunction, left decaying to dust, 

for a broken heart is a heart no longer to trust.

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