Wednesday, April 5, 2023

The Beginning

For years I spent wandering in the dark,

never truly sure what it was I was looking for.

Somewhere in the mist of the chaos

I had lost my sense of belonging. 

The feeling of knowing my place in the world

and how exactly I was to make a difference.

I think back on my youthful days

when climbing trees in the summer’s blaze,

I was but a child at play

And a seeker at heart. 

I think on the reason behind my search

The reason I continued to climb,

All the times I fought to prove,

I was capable of reaching the top.

It was to no one in particular and yet

there was only one person I had to prove myself to.

The only person who felt I had no place,

who I so desperately fought to please.

This person was not my family,

my teachers, or my friends but myself.

I spent many years of my life

grasping at the branch above me

wondering when I was going to reach the summit

And be on the top of my life.

To show the world that from the bottom

I managed to find my way.

I always hoped that if I could too,

Then others would follow.

And here now I stand,

At the end of the caterpillar.

Where what we thought was the end,

has only become the beginning.

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