Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Run Away

Do you even care?

Do I even mean something?

Why do I have to write this,

Why must I cry tears that sting?

Can you even see me?

Am I just a pest in your way?

I don’t like the way you treat me.

I don’t like not knowing what to say.

Why do I even bother,

Why do I even try to?

Why do I have to question,

If I’m worth anything you?

Why is it when I fix it,

You gotta break it again.

Im already set on leaving,

It’s just a matter of when.

And I would stay if you’d let me,

But you never want to share.

Why can’t you stick to your word?

Why can’t you try to care?

I’ve tried for so long,

I can’t take the pain anymore.

But it all goes wrong.

We’ll never have what we had before.

I shouldn’t have to cry,

I shouldn’t hate everyday,

I shouldn’t feel so used,

I shouldn’t want to run away

But I don’t have to run away,

‘Cause you already pushed me out.

I have nothing left to say,

And I don’t have a single doubt.

Because I’ve long gone away.

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