Monday, April 17, 2023


“You are the one who has changed.” He says.

He pierces through me as he stares intensely,

deep into my eyes.

How dare he, Anger snaps, how dare he talk as if 

he did not change as well. That stupid stupid 

son of a bitch!

He’s not stupid, Fear argues. He knows exactly 

what he’s doing. He’s trying to manipulate

us. He’s going to use this to hurt us!

No, Sympathy exasperates. Remember he has

feelings too! He is hurting just as much as us.

He has a heart too and it’s breaking.

That’s true, Guilt adds. And I think we know

who caused this, don’t we? He’s had his hands full

With all of us. We caused this.

Who the hell cares? Hurt says. “Who gives a fuck

how much his pain is? Fuck him and his bullshit.

What about our pain?

Everyone just stop! Reason injects. Why don’t we 

just calm down and think this entire situation through.

How did we get here?

Firstly, Logic answers, he mentioned what happened earlier

when we were upset with him for what he did, but he said it

as if it was a joke.

You were being a butt, Mockery taunted. Maybe one day

My girlfriend won’t be such a bitch and she will actually

give me love and affection.

He didn’t said it like that, Second Guessing whispers, I mean

He didn’t right? Maybe I’m wrong. No, I’m pretty sure I’m right.

Well, maybe. Am I?

He didn’t mean it. Self-Hatred scoffs. But he should have.

He should have said how much of a bitch we are for real

in every given moment.

Stop it, Self-Love interjects. Can we be bitchy? 

sure, but we are a good person. We are kind,

and smart and worthy.

Will you just shut up, Disgust interrupts. Dear god!

Look at all of you right now! You’ve all gotten off topic

and descended into madness!

Wait, hold on, Memory demands. I can’t keep track

of all this. Revert back to the situation. After his joke,

we snapped at him.

Yes, Logic comes back with. But we shouldn’t have

done that. It is, technically speaking, our fault

for taking it so seriously.

Yeah, Hurt says. But it really bothered me. Didn’t it

Bother you? Sure he didn’t mean any harm, but it 

really hit me hard.

Exactly! Anger hollers. Exactly my point! He decided

to make the choice and stab at us so it’s our fucking

turn to get revenge!

Once again, Reason injects. We need to focus!

Let us, for the love of any sense of serenity,

Please focus only on the situation!

We snapped, Guilt adds. We shouldn’t have

and now we got him to snap too. This is all our fault!

We should’ve just stayed silent!

Maybe, Sympathy exasperates, maybe we should

Just apologize for our part. After all, two wrongs

don’t make a right.

Uh hello? He says, and suddenly I’ve returned to the room

Where it is just him and I. An unknown silence creeps around

and I ask “I’m sorry. . .I. . . what?”

I was trying to apologize to you.” He says. “I didn’t mean to 

come across rude. You know we play around, I just thought

Now was one of those times too.”

“Oh” I mumble. “Oh um, I’m sorry too. I was listening,

I promise I was, I was just. . .” My voice trailed off.

“Just what?” He asks.

I shake my head. “Nothing. It was nothing, never mind.”

He pierces through me as he stares intensely,

deep into my eyes.

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