Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Nature's Call

When she reminds me that I was never enough,

I find myself like an animal to the slaughter,

The wind whispers in my ears nature’s calling,

and so I walk alongside the wild to the water.

The sharp green blades beneath the open sky

the crystal blue water, the array of scaly colors,

faded hoof prints trailing to a rotting carcass,

the cycle of giving one life for all the others.

When he says that I’m not trying hard enough,

I find myself like the hunter in the redwood,

The birds cry out in my ears a promise,

and so I walk alongside the wild’s misunderstood.

The gun cocked tight against my shoulder,

as if it was there more often than the dusty shelf,

The cat’s crawl, lowly, to anticipate it’s prey,

Pull the trigger and no longer recognize myself.

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