Tuesday, April 4, 2023

I Carry You With Me

I carry you with me

everywhere I go.

No one else has golden hair,

so when I see it, I know

that the blonde hair

upon my sweater

was yours and because of it

my day gets better.

The memory of your face,

from every morning,

lingers in my mind,

and serves as a warning

of when I come home

when you leap into my arms

I will fall all over again

for your many charms.

I remember when I found you,

actually you found me,

almost eleven years ago now,

we formed a new reality.

You were the lost feline,

hoping to find a home

and I the lost human,

with the lone syndrome.

Together we were unlikely,

but were a pair nonetheless.

The girl who wanted a dog

loved a cat, who would guess?

And you were no different really,

just a simple, lost stray,

But the moment our eyes met,

we couldn’t look away.

And now I sense you,

In every sight, feel, and smell.

With our strange story,

there really is no parallel.

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