Sunday, April 2, 2023

Going Green Too Late

No one knows what the future holds,

but I still think about what’s to be,

when I consider everything we do

to the planet we live on for free.

In the mornings I used to sit quietly,

listen to the gentle chirping of birds,

wondering what they sang so sweetly about, 

with their bright, feathery words. 

But now when I wake and listen,

I can not hear a single sound.

I remember when crickets came about,

but they no longer come around.

At times I wonder if it is just location,

do I live in a town-turned city?

But I think I still live in the suburbs,

A geographic no longer so pretty.

Their silence is deafening,

like a protest of their reality,

one we have forged for them,

out of greed and not morality.

We can no longer save this world,

The truth is we are too late,

mass production cannot be stopped

because our population is too great.

We have overpopulated the earth,

overwhelming the Great Mother.

we are excommunicated, no longer 

nature's sister or brother.

and so we think they fall silent,

because we are no longer listening,

and now we worry about the future,

no longer bright and glistening.

The truth is- they aren’t silent at all,

they constantly scream a terrorous cry,

but because we are no longer one of them,

they just scream and suffer and die.

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