Thursday, April 6, 2023

Everyone is Bi-Polar

Everyone is bi-polar,

we live in such a society,

where the lines are a blur,

Wondering how we came from where we were,

To a life of pure anxiety.

We have two types to face.

When we are out in the open

we walk at a different pace

then when we are alone, where the human race

releases what we must cope in.

In the world outside

We put on a show

Where the truth must hide

And the words that leave our lips have lied,

Losing ourselves in our shadow.

In the comfort of being alone,

we show who we really are,

because we fear the unknown,

and what the world is able to condone,

We keep bottled in a jar.

But the truth is this,

No one is ever truly wrong

When it comes to felling amiss

But we should still not have to reminisce

On needing to belong.

You were not created,

within your mothers womb,

To worry about being berated

And live your life stuck and isolated

Because you were made to bloom.

You are everything,

You were ever meant to be.

From the first winter to the last spring,

Within your heart there is love you can bring,

That is more than a guarantee

Because you will succeed,

when you walk through that door,

Fear not about what they need,

Or if it will make your heart bleed,

And never fear belonging anymore.

Hide your true self no longer,

And if someone cannot accept it,

Ignore that warmonger,

And let it make you stronger

for the life you wish to commit.

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