Sunday, April 16, 2023

Cracked Like a Mirror

Cracked like a mirror

Caught between two worlds.

Poison seeps in,

Silently creeping through.

Where is the life?

Where is the hope?

Trapped in cursed blood,

Unable to escape.

Insanity knocks at my door,

And takes my mind hostage.

A slave to the pain,

My efforts all in vain.

Poison takes her hostage,

Nothing can be done.

Where is a prayer?

Where is God?

I feel abandoned by both fathers,

 The one who gave me life,

And the one who created life.

One abandoned my mother and me,

The other took my mother from me.

I can’t forgive one,

I beg forgiveness from the other.

This, the blood war and the poison,

Make me alone in the world.

Only insanity keeps me alive,

To forever haunt me. 

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