Saturday, April 22, 2023


Unable to speak, confined to my mind,

if I looked for hope, what would I find?

You said I have no right to defend,

I just have to take it all and pretend,

That through it all I’m still alright.

forced to fake it everyday but every night,

piece by piece, you’re slowly killing me,

with everything you’re forcing me to be.

Little by little I’m going insane,

Any attempt to speak to you is all in vain.

Just shut up, that’s all you would say,

but still expect me to be perfect in every way.

I guess that explains why you refuse to say,

that what happened happened that one day. 

In the darkness behind the closed door,

I gave my heart but he wanted more.

He took something that was once mine

and you never payed attention to the signs.

After it all, you couldn’t care less,

so you taught me how to supress

the truth I am forced to lock inside,

even when it was never for you to decide.

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