Friday, April 7, 2023

Amongst the Most Minor of Inconveniences

When the Starbucks workers spell my name wrong,

even when I did not spell it out for them. Or the shapes

of different people’s heads are just slightly off.

When someone tells me to calm down when I am 

most enraged. Or when people do not get exactly

what I want to say when I cannot find the words

and end up not saying everything or anything at all.

When the items do not scan at the self-scan register.

Or the child starts screaming in the next aisle

and the mother just couldn’t be bothered to notice.

When my lover asks me what is wrong when the man

should know exactly what I’m feeling when I do not say

or do anything to indicate there was something wrong

at all. When my phone battery falls just short half way

and I do not have a charger nearby. Or when I sift

through the sheets fumbling for the remote,

the one I had only moments ago and forgot 

I had set down on the nightstand beside me.

When I bump the glass and it tips over

between the desk and the wall, and I can not reach

far enough to clean it up in the exact way I want to.

Or I discover yet another architectural flaw

Within the walls of my one bedroom apartment.

All these are amongst the most minor of inconveniences,

that seem to turn me away from enjoying my day.

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