Thursday, March 30, 2023

Young Girl Holding Tabby Cat

She’s smiling at

a fresh yellow ball of fur

held down between

her bicep and chubby hand.

It’s belly is freshly shaven,

with a bright blue tattoo

to indicate it won’t bring home

any unwanted guests.

She wears a blue sundress

atop a dull pink shirt.

Her hair is golden and frazzled

in the afternoon sunlight.

It’s eyes are two emeralds,

wide with excitement.

A reflection of the flash is

centered in it’s left pupil.

Her dull eyes turned red,

reveal multicolored feathers,

held above the camera

in the hands of a mother. 

So much goes on 

in the depths of the background

to make the scene

cast in front of the lens.

When the truth is hidden

within the past,

it can still be seen,

behind a young girl’s eyes.

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