Thursday, March 23, 2023

The Voice Inside

Inside there’s a voice,

One I try hard to silence

When people tell me about

All of the violence

with the things they go though

It whispers “I’ll try to set them free,

But when will someone turn around

And do the same thing for me?

I keep trying to become

The one that is bigger

But I fly too high and become

The one that gets sicker.

Still I’ll keep on fighting

For the hearts I could touch.

It’s just even for me 

Sometimes it’s too much.

It’s hard to keep up

With all of my own lies

When the truth is I hold back

The tears in my eyes.

If I can be the one

Who has gotten though,

Than other people will trust 

When I say ‘so can you’

But it get harder to believe

All the things that I say,

When the truth is

I’m still just not okay.”

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