Thursday, March 16, 2023

The Sane Man

The sane man lives in bliss,

A life of ignorance,

He does not question beyond

His own comprehension.

The sane man lives by the rules,

A life without philosophy.

The sane man cannot fathom

Being unhappy.

The sane man believes in love

And the power of time

To heal a broken heart

And a broken mind.

The sane man does not wish for death,

Because he lives a lie.

But most of all

The sane man believes he is sane.

The sane man thinks 

That life has purpose,

The sane man also thinks

Morality is reality.

The sane man does not know

The truth of meaning

The sane man believes in love

And its power to conquer.

The sane man does not know

That love is not enough

To keep two beating hearts

Perfectly in sync.

The sane man doesn’t get

How love can fail

To kept two together.

Or that the reality is

Love is not enough.

Two can love 

An unimaginable love

And still suffer 

In each others presence.

Two can be so deep in love,

And still grow apart

No matter how strong

Such a love can be.

The sane man thinks

That time can heal,

But does not know

One cannot actually heal.

What is broken is broken

And all time can do

Is teach you to work around

The damage that is done.

You can not fix what is broken

To go back to what it was.

The insane man knows this.

He knows the whole truth.

A man cannot survive

With the curse of all-knowing.

Suicide happens to those

Who appear the happiest,

Because they know 

no one can survive 

At least not fully intact

Knowing the whole truth.And once they discover itThey wish no one elseSuffers it too.

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