Sunday, March 26, 2023

The Promised Land

You’ve gotten me to fall

once more in love

with a man I had thought

was lost permanently.

Loss is a painful reminder

of what once was

and often times

what can no longer be.

So fortunate are we

to have pulled so far away

and yet are still able to push

for brighter days,

where the walls 

Are not caving in,

where the walls

didn’t even exist,

but before us stood

an open green field

garnished with poppies

and softened gold

from the sun

and it’s gentle gaze.

And the breeze,

that smelt of salt

from a coastline

that hovered in the distance.

We lost sight 

of this future,

we were driven apart,

and grew to resent

the people that

we turned into.

But now I believe

with my newfound heart,

that we have calmed

the stormy seas

and found redemption

within each other.

It shouldn’t have taken

falling apart

to grow closer together,

but there is no point 

in dwelling on

what should have been.

The point is now

we are making it back

to the promised land

of our love.

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