Tuesday, March 14, 2023


My truth is exposed to the world,

to simmer in the atmosphere.

I’ll keep speaking out with my toes curled

from the anxiety within, until I’ve hurled,

no longer am I alone but still I am stuck here.

My reality is so easily able to crash down,

no matter how much I beg to be heard.

I’ll keep fighting for my right to the crown,

even with obstacles, to become renown,

hoping they care for even a single word.

My mind is aware of those left in the dark,

and I long to be their voice.

I’ll keep running towards the spark,

the destination, the journey I embark,

so that one day we can all rejoice.

My heart is laid out now on the table,

this, my redemption, to soon be devoured.

I’ll keep pushing if I’m able,

Without a heart inside, I am stable,

I’m no longer afraid, but empowered.

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