Monday, March 27, 2023

Reap What You Sow

I think about the internet and the ways it has swayed 

A societal view, our perception, of the way we live.

It the Lord that has slaughtered the lamb,

The lamb that would have become our way of life

had it been nurtured, and loved, and I suppose 

it was indeed, at one point in our past lives.

And what has become of us now? An addiction

to a social justice no one can possibly win.

Because the internet gave us access to which

we never really wanted to know about the world.

It the Messiah who rose from the dead,

After 3 days of our ignorant bliss.

We used to believe in the goodness of others,

where we could not hide behind a mask,

An illusion of namelessness, where we are willing

To loose our empathy and values for short satisfaction.

I think, I suppose, the internet was God’s punishment,

“Reap what you sow and live in bliss no longer”

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