Friday, March 3, 2023

If I were you

I’d leave me in a heartbeat.

I’m not you,

but If I was,

I’d do all the things

you would never do.

I’d tell me that I’m not worth the pain,

I’d say all of the things I already think

about myself

when I’m with you

or when I’m alone

or around anyone

and anything

at anytime at all,

but I’m not you

despite all I’ve ever thought,

you never once felt I wasn’t worth it,

but if I was you,

I’d do the opposite,

I’d stop responding

to my constant pleas

for attention 

that stemmed from

the fear of losing you

because I am insecure

because after all this time

I still believe

I am not good enough

for a man

that will stay.

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