Saturday, March 18, 2023

Death by a Broken Heart

“I have been chasing so long

to rediscover what we had,

It’s not that we failed each other,

Or did something bad,

But it comes to a point

In the moment of heat,

Where what we seek

Is an impossible feat.

We’ve grown up now,

but the line isn’t so clean.

Our happiness has fallen 

too far and between.

Our late night calls,

those childish dreams,

growing up together

was not what it seems.

Maturing and adulting,

has torn us apart.

Despite what I still hoped,

within my heart.

Only time will tell us,

If it is meant to be,”

But this was the last thing

you had said to me:

“The way we are going,

Is not a healthy way to live.”

So I’ve one thing to say. 

One last stanza to give.

“He was strong enough,

to live without his other half,

but she was not.”

Put that in my epitaph.

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