Wednesday, March 29, 2023


She nestles herself in the crook of my elbow,

a rhythmic vibration ruffles her silky fur.

The warmth seeps through my cotton jacket

and into my gelid heart. Her tail jitters in anticipation

as I gently push her off me. As I rise up

she extends a paw onto my palm.

Gently she grazes it until I settle back down

where she flops onto her side and lowers her head.

Her toes are tucked beneath her belly,

her nose pointed to the curl of her tail.

Her breathing remains a steady rise and fall

as she sinks deeper in a restful slumber.

Her heartbeat begins to aline

With the one she revived within my chest.

A heart I had no idea was still capable

of beating at all, let alone in tune with another.

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