Monday, March 20, 2023


The frost nips me 

as I try not to remember,

As if it were the bleak December 

It is the center of spring time 

Should the suns warmth

Not yet be at its prime?

You sleep so peacefully 

While I’m up still worried about

Losing the best part of me.

You don’t even have to try

But I am fighting so hard

Just to stop my cry.

After hours in the lacking,

I finally fell asleep,

And did not wake to the alarm’s yacking.

I’m sorry I couldn’t get you in time

Or that I can’t find our love

Somewhere in the sublime.

The gelid air taunted me a while

So that walking to the car 

Felt like one hundred miles 

Juggling my keys in one hand 

While my heart is in the other

Trying so hard to understand

But I am just not all right 

Not since failing to sleep 

Throughout the frigid night 

I think I finally crossed the line

When all I can tell people

Is that “I am fine”

Because I’m not one bit

But I don’t want others

To mention anything about it.

To ask me what is wrong

So that I have to say it,

for them to move along.

I have to break down

Just to hear “sorry” 

As they leave me on the ground

Oh how the cold still lingers

But it no longer bothers me

How much it burns my fingers

Because the pain in my heart

Has spread through the rest of me.

Nothing else is powerful enough to tear me apart. 

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