Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Night and Day

Once upon a time,

We lived in the dark,

Unaware of the Journey,

We would soon embark.

Our hearts lived alone,

Drowning in the fear,

That one day the end,

Would be drawing near.

Just when we lost faith,

And could no longer cope,

We found each other,

And with it a  hope.

A hope to be free,

A chance we now own,

To know we had eachother,

To know we weren’t alone.

Your hand in mine,

And our fingers laced,

Now Side by side,

The love we embraced.

I was always to find you,

And you to find me,

Our love together,

Set our hearts free.

You are the moon,

Brightening the night,

And I am the sun,

The light of your life.

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