Thursday, February 23, 2023


With tears of anguish, but solum actions,

Searching for a soul escape.

Is this the answer, the reason why, for 

planning out a whole escape?

Could this be deeper, and lost in confusion,

Or simply the easier way?

For all the dark times, when you couldn’t hide,

But run, run, run to escape.

Is there any chance, just a glimmer of hope,

In which there is another way?

Instead of racing in circles, with eyes to the past,

And dreaming of false escape.

Why is it so difficult, an option not to be taken,

To stare down the monster?

To face your fears, and wake up satisfied,

Of a true nightmare escape.

But no there is no choice— Destiny, you can only see that it’s but a dream.

And not a reflection of truth, of your daily life,

With which there is no escape.

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