Monday, January 30, 2023

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Dwindling Away

Share with me one more chance. I just want you.

Have a conversation, with a final, last goodbye,

About anything and everything you now know.

Realizing how much I dream of this moment,

Only makes me understand how I miss you.

Never did this pain get easier or go away.

Before I have another nightmare of you,

Ask Him to send you down here for me,

Keep asking until He can understand.

Every day I grow sicker and sicker,

Realizing I lost you is killing me.

Come find me, quickly now!

On this lonely plain earth,

My life is running short,

Earnest for its demise.

How lost I feel here,

On an empty path.

making the best,

Ever so patient.

Pained in loss,

Lost in death,

Emptied me,

All is gone,

Should I,

End it?

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