Thursday, November 17, 2022

How to Tell Someone to Change Without Telling Them How and Being Surprised at the Lack of Change:

Okay then what do we do?

What is the first step to take?

That’s the question I asked you.

For the progress you want me to make.

You said we have to try,

Trial and error to figure it out,

But you don’t understand that I

Can’t try without knowing what about.

What’s the first thing then to do

So we don’t sit here the same way,

But my message doesn’t get though,

And you say the same thing you always say.

Tell me how we can do better,

You tell me to communicate right,

But I ask you how to change how we were

Cause right now we’re stuck in the same fight.

You say I need to talk more

And I ask you how I should do that,

You tell me have patience before

We even know how we’re to combat.

And all of this repetition,

All the things that we are saying,

Its all things based on wishing,

And not something useful to weigh in.

Cause we can’t move one foot,

To be in front of the other,

If there’s not a path to put,

Or a an option to occur.

We can’t make the journey,

If we don’t have the tool,

To keep our progress sturdy,

We cannot just overrule.

We need each step,

In order to climb the stairs,

We need to work to prep,

To make any of the repairs.

we can’t move forward,

If there’s no where to go,

I wish you had heard,

But that answer is no.

You think I won’t try,

You think I’m staying here,

Out of choice you imply,

Or that its change I fear.

But that isn’t close to what I said,

If you had listened to me,

You would have known instead,

You can’t unlock a door without a key.

I can’t begin to make a move,

If my mind is stuck and paralyzed.

You have to give something to improve,

Or things will stay compromised.

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