Saturday, October 22, 2022

The Power of Hope

The black knights ride their steeds,

And the hooves kick up the dirt.

The village is lit afire and the screams,

Ring throughout the night.

Shouting and yelling stings the air,

And fear burns our nostrils.

The world around us is anarchy,

Our flesh burned in sync.

We have fallen far from grace,

And live in an age of hatred.

Our cultures are shocked,

A wave rippling within ourselves.

But when I look upon the night,

With but a glimmer in the sky,

I think, I wish, I pray,

On the basis of one thing.

We are lost in time,

Frozen in a state of manic.

But we have but one thing,

A hope for better days.

Change is inevitable,

And one day soon we’ll see

A vision of utopia,

A land at last we are free.

The more we burn the more it grows,

For hope thrives in sorrow.

In the darkest time, our need for life,

Will triumph all our deaths.

At last the reveal of the white knight,

Whose heart is pure; incorruptible,

Will rise once again to save,

The falling of our sun.

He will lace the light in chains of love,

And heave with all his might,

To raise our spirit once more,

And guide our way through the night.

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