Saturday, October 22, 2022

The Power of Hope

The black knights ride their steeds,

And the hooves kick up the dirt.

The village is lit afire and the screams,

Ring throughout the night.

Shouting and yelling stings the air,

And fear burns our nostrils.

The world around us is anarchy,

Our flesh burned in sync.

We have fallen far from grace,

And live in an age of hatred.

Our cultures are shocked,

A wave rippling within ourselves.

But when I look upon the night,

With but a glimmer in the sky,

I think, I wish, I pray,

On the basis of one thing.

We are lost in time,

Frozen in a state of manic.

But we have but one thing,

A hope for better days.

Change is inevitable,

And one day soon we’ll see

A vision of utopia,

A land at last we are free.

The more we burn the more it grows,

For hope thrives in sorrow.

In the darkest time, our need for life,

Will triumph all our deaths.

At last the reveal of the white knight,

Whose heart is pure; incorruptible,

Will rise once again to save,

The falling of our sun.

He will lace the light in chains of love,

And heave with all his might,

To raise our spirit once more,

And guide our way through the night.

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Truth of the Silence

 A rose, flush loose petals,

Reaching towards the light.

A gentle breeze dances

Across her leafy blight.

Fiber by fiber torn away,

Dwindled by a standard.

One so carefully instilled,

With every whispered word.

No longer in touch,

With what is natural,

Blinded by hatred,

And far from factual.

Wilted by the cold,

From life to sickness,

She cries for love,

But still must suppress.

For if the world heard,

Such sweetness in a voice,

She’d be uprooted,

Without having a choice.

Monday, October 3, 2022

Love Beyond Time

 A twinkle in her glassy pupils,

Sparkles when she looks at me.

Older and wiser now,

But still sprung in her mind.

Calmer with age,

But no less beautiful,

Than the day we first met.

I wonder what she thinks of us,

Now; does she still see,

The little girl I was?

Could she still love me the same?

In our beginning years,

We’d play and play,

But now we go,

Our separate ways.

Together still,

but with distance,

We have grown up now,

And no longer find interest,

In childish things.

But still, 

I hold her every night,

And despite age,

We are doing alright.

Yet here we stand in silence,

Deep in each others eyes.

Have we grown apart or,

Have we grown together?

I want to trust my heart,

Who still remembers the days,

Before reality had set in,

When we were just so young,

Without a care in the world.

And as I think these thoughts,

And write these words,

She breaks our gaze and

Rushes to my side.

“Put down the pen” she says,

“We have made room in our lives,

For many things new,

But nothing has changed,

The love we share.

We are older, yes,

But I promise,

I never stopped loving you.

Let us reminisce together,

The times we have shared.

But just because they’re over,

Doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye.

Forever I will be yours,

And forever you will be mine.”

Saturday, October 1, 2022

The Enemy

 We are the silence,

We thrive in the cold.

We are the standard,

You must uphold.

We live in the shadows,

We watch your every move,

We are the parasite

You cannot remove.

Some think we don’t exist,

Others believe we rule the night,

But we are something,

Much more than fright.

We feed on your flaws,

We own your humanity,

But most of all,

We are the reason for insanity.

Every choice you choose,

Every chance you take,

Will never be more,

Than a beautiful mistake.

We take many forms,

But our goal is the same.

Cry your tears and wrack your brain,

Do you remember now our name?

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