Tuesday, September 20, 2022


Why did she try?

Every time she heard her heart cry,

She told herself another lie,

Against the values she lived by,

Yes, I know why she’d try.

Why did she try to fit in?

When all she saw was girls so thin,

And all the games she couldn’t win,

She hid behind a false grin,

Yes, I know why she wanted to fit in.

Why did she care what they’d think?

When they made her want to shrink,

For all their kindness that took a jink,

Which she remembered in ink.

Yes I know why she cared what they’d think.

Why do I remember this old part of me?

When I think about how to be,

A better person who can see,

That originality is the key,

Yes I know why I remember to be free.

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