Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Mirror Mirror

 Mirror, mirror

Left abandoned on the wall

Mirror, mirror

How many punches ‘til you fall

You slip through the cracks of the mirror

In hopes that your reflection is a bit clearer 

And you know it’s seven years for this sin

But you still want to know what is within

Mirror, mirror

Tell me what I want to know

Mirror, mirror

Why can’t I just let her go?

The women you see you don’t recognize,

Because her image is that of all lies.

You tell the world silly jokes and pretend to be fun,

But take a look at her and see now what you’ve done.

Mirror, mirror 

It’s not just about my identity.

Mirror, mirror

I want to know why I am me.

If you can’t tell yourself, then how could the mirror know?

You don’t try to look to yourself, so how can you grow?

You wallow in the why but never in the now,

And in doing so, you will never know how.

Mirror, mirror

There is nothing to tell

Mirror, mirror

I don’t know how I fell.

Then why would you want to be here,

To the mirror without facing your fear?

You only ever take one quick look,

So you will never see what it took.

Mirror, mirror,

What am I to do?

Mirror, Mirror,

How am I to get through?

All mountains are excruciating to climb,

And it’s not fast, it’ll take quite some time.

But once you reach the highest peak,

You will know you only ever needed to speak.

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