Thursday, September 29, 2022

Black Widow

Do ever wonder why I left so quickly?

After all you think you’ve picked for me?

Do you know why I left without a goodbye?

Do really think that I never fucking try?

I keep spinning this web with a loom

I use to pull myself out of the tomb

That you dug me in, so why can’t you see?

All these things that you have done to me?

I keep my love alive with all of my spinning,

Despite all your efforts to keep it thinning.

I push harder and harder, all by myself,

To the point where I neglect my own health.

What the world sees is me as the villain,

But they don’t know how much you’re killing

All that I’ve weaved, to sew up the cracks,

Hoping one day soon I could just relax.

But no, you keep me working till I’m burned,

Only for my webs to be shredded; overturned.

For you ignore all the things I push through,

And still wonder why I must be rid of you.

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