Thursday, August 4, 2022

The Warmth of a Feline

The crispy air creeps over my skin

as I’m snuggled into the covers

the comforter fashioned tightly around

in the bleak of the night

shivers tingle my senses

and become a beacon for warmth

a shadow mewls softly

as it nestles into my body 

it’s heat radiates through my skin

and warms my core. 

the rhythmic vibration of purring

sends me into a daze

no longer am I cold

and no longer am I alone

so to the night I bid farewell

as my consciousness floats away

only to awaken to sunlight 

that shines on the beauty

who stayed at my side

and as she notices I have awoken

she nuzzles into my head 

as if to say “good morning”

and “I love you, forever and always”

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