Sunday, August 21, 2022

Ode to Patricia

 I remember, many years ago,

When my mind was misunderstood,

Adopting a lonely, golden feline,

Never knowing that she would,

Save me and change me,

To make me the woman I am today,

Now that I’m older, I realize,

I wouldn’t change the past in any way.

Because she thought me a lesson, 

On how to remain true,

To the words locked beneath my core,

With all the things she helped me through.

I learned that genuine love,

Could pull me past the pain,

And I don’t have to earn it,

By forcing myself to change.

I remember how she would nestle close,

And whispered in my ear,

A rhythmic purr that translated to

“I will always be here”.

She would tell me that she loved me,

In all the ways she could,

And it took me years to find out,

That she always understood.

Now she lays next to me,

Watching the pen in my hand,

Her eyes full of pride, 

Because I took a stand.

She rests now in her old age,

Knowing her job is well done.

After all she did for me,

Her goal has now been won.

Because I became everything,

She knew that I could be.

Her heart was all I needed,

So that I could finally be me.

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