Sunday, August 21, 2022

Octavia’s Arrival

 Tapitly, tap, tap,

That’s the sound of my feet,

Coming towards the shake, shake, shake,

Thats the sound of my treat.

I’m always hungry,

And mostly tired,

But pull out catnip,

And I’ll be all wired.

Mom lets me on the counter,

But grandma does not,

I’ll jump on it anyways,

Even when it’s really hot. 

I got to live this life,

And I was living the dream,

Till mom brought me a sister,

And then I became mean.

I hissed at this calico,

So young and sprung,

I was afraid to be replaced, 

And to this worry I clung.

Mom and I always had each other,

She was mine alone for nine years,

Mom and I did everything together,

Through all the laughs and the tears.

But now this wild thing,

“Octavia” is what mom calls her,

Has now invaded my home

And things aren’t what they were.

She drinks from MY water,

And eats from MY food bowl,

She plays will all MY toys,

And even climbs MY scratching pole.

“Go away!” I hiss,

When Octavia comes near,

“Patricia” mom whispers

“You have nothing to fear.”

“Octavia just wants to play,

And she likes you too.

Just because I love her,

Doesn’t mean I stopped loving you.

In fact, you are why she’s here,

‘Cause I don’t like you being alone.

When I’m at work, 

Your loneliness has shown”

I curl into her stomach,

And purr against her chest.

I listen to mom’s voice,

And lay my head down to rest.

A brush of warmth settles against me,

A soft mew opens my eyes,

Octavia is purring against me,

Oh boy, what a surprise!

Do I growl or bat her off?

Well I suppose not today,

So I lay my head besides hers,

I guess having Octavia is okay.

Mom strokes our backs,

“Good girls” I hear her say.

Maybe Octavia’s not so bad,

I guess I’ll let her stay.

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