Thursday, July 21, 2022

I'm Sorry

 I'm sorry

don't leave me

I want to be the girl,

you want me to be.

I'm sorry,

don't fight me,

I'm not as strong

as I used to be

I'm sorry,

I don't want you to see,

all of the thoughts,

locked inside of me.

I'm sorry,

my love's not free

you've got to stay,

to see the real me.

I'm sorry

but you wont be

given easy access

cause there's no key.

I'm sorry,

please just love me

but don't expect 

to set me free.

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

The Return of Calamity

 Can you hear it?

The faint roll of the drum.

I feast off your fear,

Anticipating what’s to come.

Do you see it?

The moon has turned red.

All those demons you battled,

Are coming back from the dead.

First you’ll see the talons

That haven’t forgotten the taste of your pain.

And what of all your efforts?

Well, that’s just all been in vain.

Next comes the eyes,

Darkened from your blood,

The surface cracks as they come though,

Past the murky mud.

Can you feel their anger?

They don’t like when you wont play.

My minions won’t stop coming,

And this time they are here to stay.

Soon they will free their master

From the depths of your unknown.

I will rise from the shadows,

And reclaim my throne.

No one can save you now,

And there’s nothing to hide behind.

I was always to be your king,

And you were always to be mine.

Fourth of July

 PopPop, like a gun,

But it’s just the fireworks.

Trying hard not to run,

From all of these jerks.

Use my hands to cover my ears,

Close my eyes so I can’t see,

Try to drown the memory in tears,

But still remains that part of me.

12-year-old me begged and pleaded,

Crying to not make me go.

Devoid of all they needed,

the answer was always no.

So away I went,

To the depths of my dispair,

A place I was sent,

To people who didn’t care.

How vividly I remember,

The fireworks of that night,

And the pain that would recur,

When I chose to fight.

I remember his scream,

When I chose self defense,

His degrading words would seem,

To be his most minor offense.

I remember hiding in my room,

And being forced to apologize,

To a man I would assume,

Enjoyed little girl cries.

This man labeled a pervert,

To which there was no garuentee,

But for me I knew he could hurt,

The day he almost killed me.

This memory bubbles to the surface,

Every Fourth of July,

With every “pop” I “reminisce”,

As they sparkle in the sky.

Saturday, July 2, 2022

Redeem Me

Sour taste

Tense throat


Till I float

Blurry in the eyes

Dizzy in the head

Images project

Ways to be dead

Choke on Him

Reach for Serenity

His talons

Don’t release me

Close my eyes

Pretend to be okay

Ignore the clouds rolling

On a sunny day

Loud is the thunder

Down comes the rain

Clutch my stomach

To cover the pain

Didn’t want to come

So I let Him in

Now He took over

I let Him win

It’s my fault

And I know it

Won’t kick Him out

This, my forfeit

I beg of you

Give me a chance

Redeem me

With only a second glance.

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