Tuesday, June 21, 2022


 “Find land surrounded by sea,

Strike a match, throw down the key.

You know you’ll never be free,

If you don’t burn what’s left of me”

My words inside, an echo she hears,

Put down on paper, covered in tears.

She gathered the words then found a box,

She put them inside, guarded by a lock.

When the sun set, she sailed away,

To bury the box, till the dawn of day.

But that key remained within her hand,

Till years later when she found new land.

The heartache, the pain pushed aside,

It broke free, she could no longer hide.

She held on too tight only to know,

That one day, she must let me go.

So she found land surrounded by sea,

Struck a match and threw down the key,

As it melted away, she could finally breathe,

Because now she’s forgotten about me.

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