Tuesday, June 21, 2022

I Told Mom on You

 I told mom on you,

I told her all the things you do.

Just because you’re older,

Doesn’t mean you get to be colder.

When you treat me bad,

You have no reason to be mad.

But you take it all out on me,

And all the others here see.

I wonder what did I ever do,

To earn all the hatred I get from you?

We were supposed to work together,

Like a family would forever. 

But now I dread every day.

When I have to hear what you say.

And I feel bad  for telling mom the truth, 

And playing the part of her little sleuth.

Cause honestly I never wanted to,

But I want a real sister, not you.

I wish that you and I could smile,

When we look at each other once in a while.

Instead you order me around,

And wont let me make a sound.

Anything that I try to do,

Seems to just annoy you.

I just want to do my job,

But you think this little sister is a slob.

I do all that I can to please,

What can’t you believe me?

I know that you are the older one,

And I respect that, it’s been said and done.

But you take advantage of that power,

And with you it feels like my last hour.

Because when I’m alone at night,

I don’t feel like everything will be alright.

You say that I was just wasting your time,

But it took two minutes, was that a crime?

We finished up at exactly 9:30,

So why must you do me dirty?

I love you big sister, more than you know,

But I know you wouldn’t believe me so,

I told mom on you,

So I could hear “I love you too”.

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