Tuesday, June 14, 2022



Another year goes by,

And I’m now 21,

Time always catches me,

When I try to run.


As they party all night,

And rack up their beers,

I’m sober and alone,

Collecting all my tears.


I don’t really understand,

Why I’m not overjoyed,

And instead I think of

All that I destroyed.


The people in my life,

The ones it hurts to think of.

The people who destroy

All that I love.


All the dreams I had,

All the hope I made,

All that childlike joy,

That never stayed.


I’m a year older now,

And it’s supposed to be my prime.

Like the peak of a mountain.

Long before it’s time.


But that last hour draws near,

As the sand sinks down.

Slowly, but I am sure,

That I am to drown.


There’s no rewind,

Nor a way to turn back.

So here I sit and wait,

Till it all fades to black.

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