Monday, May 2, 2022

The Violin

The bow gliding across the strings
What sweet sounds the motion brings.
High and low in perfect harmony,
The gentle notes escaping gracefully.

A rapid rise and staggering fall,
The loss of myself through it all.
Forgotten memories start taking form,
And become a rainbow after the storm.

I remember the joy before the pain,
And my ability to dance in the rain.
My realization of who I want to be,
As if the violin came to set me free.

I feel things I hadn’t felt before,
True feeling locked beneath my core.
Before these things, I’ve never known,
What it’s like to not be left alone.

I remember what you said to me,
The person I was turning out to be.
She’s not the person I want to know,
But it’s clear now that she must go.

I open my eyes to behold what I see,
More than just a symphony lying before me.
For now there was a future beyond my sin,
that began with the playing of the violin.

© Destiny Premo

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