Wednesday, May 11, 2022


 As I write, I think back,

The story begins on day one,

My heart was sealed off but

The damage was already done.

He told me all he ever wanted,

Was to die and suffer no more.

Isn’t it ironic when they tell a story,

And it’s one you’ve heard before?

Because that story was mine, 

And everything he said was true. 

All of the things he experienced,

I had experienced them too.

Maybe that’s why we fell in love,

Maybe that’s what brought us together.

Maybe that’s why we’re still here,

Maybe that’s why I tell him forever.

It’s as if it was all planned,

all that I had gone through,

Was just to be there for him,

And all the things he has to do.

And when I’m with him,

My heart skips a beat. 

when I think of our love,

My past shrivels in defeat. 

Our love is like a song,

That tells a difficult tale.

But ends in our victory 

Overcoming the times we fail.

When I think of him and I,

I hear this strange melody,

With the words “we are trapped alone,

But together we are set free.”

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