Wednesday, April 27, 2022

What Lurks Beneath the Mask?

 Warm, salty tears,

Oozed from their sockets.

Wiped from my face,

And gathered in my pockets.

These tears become ink,

Collected for my pen,

To harness my truth,

For my heart to mend.

I am broken down,

Shattered in a rainstorm,

My truth is hidden,

And my face conforms.

Tucked away in plain sight,

When dawn brings a new day.

My secret is safe,

Until the mask fades away.

And what remains?

Is it my fractured youth?

No, It can’t be,

It’s something deeper in my truth.

You must dig so far down,

That even hell is above.

Here a darkness stirs,

A horror opposite love.

But worse than hatred,

Something we cannot comprehend,

So now you understand,

Why I must pretend.

Behind this mask,

My face must lie,

To bear my secret:

I want to die.

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