Friday, April 29, 2022

The Captain

There’s poison in the water,

Captain says “we’ll still go though”

The wind fills the sails,

Leading on the captain and his crew.

The thunder cackles,

The waves are drawing him in.

He doesn’t take precaution,

He doesn’t even try to win.

His ship is going down,

And he doesn’t care.

He’s accepted the fact,

That life isn’t fair.

The poison gets in his lungs,

And rots him from inside.

On the outside you can’t see it,

Until the day he dies.

And he won’t tell you,

Partially because he doesn’t know,

But mostly because he doesn’t 

Want you to feel so low.

He’ll lead you on,

With a lie for a promise,

By saying he’s fine,

And then he’ll dismiss.

And when you pressure him,

Hoping to find what’s wrong,

You’ll find that the poison,

Was already there all along.

So by the time you find,

A way to cure the parasite,

The sun will fall behind,

To reveal a bleaker night.

His image is but a ghost,

of who he used to be.

The captain you once knew,

Isn’t who you now see.

You won’t find the real captain,

Long ago he chose his fate.

His body buried by the sea,

You were already too late.

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