Thursday, April 28, 2022


 From the beginning into now,

We felt something more,

When a feeling turns to passion,

Nothing is like it was before.

A unity blessed by the universe,

As now the stars align.

From that day forward, side by side,

Your hand intertwined with mine.

We are but only one breath,

Our hearts beat as one.

Facing the darkness together,

Brighter than the sun.

So walk with me, my love,

There’s no need to fuss,

Life is the journey we share,

The world belongs to us.

Love will see us through,

Love will always defend.

When it comes to our love,

There will be no end.

Our spirits conformed to one,

we have been set free.

The world we leave behind,

Cannot match our eternity.

© Destiny Premo

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